Dotschy Reinhardt

Reinhardt - a name that enjoys a very distinctive sound within the international music scene. There's blessing in it, and a little bit of curse as well. How will a young woman be able to break free from this big family name and the big patron Django without rebelling against his legacy?

Dotschy ReinhardtDotschy Reinhardt

Dotschy herself says her childhood and adolescence were a stroke of luck. She grew up near Ravensburg in Southern Germany and had the chance to listen to the music of her relatives from a very young age on as the most natural thing in the world.

Eventually she leaves the idyll of her parent's home: "I've become an adult in Berlin", she reflects. "Coming to grips with this big city, with its many resistances, has given me self-confidence. And with this many wonderful musicians around here you get the feeling of being in a new family."

In Berlin, her adopted place of residence, Dotschy finds her own language in music, at first through her program "Django The Composer", casting a new light on the doyen of Sinti music. Finally she forms her multi-national sextet around violin and mandolin virtuoso Ulli Bartel, a friend of the family since many years, and her preferred piano player Christian von der Goltz.

Gregoire Peters, half French, half German, credited by jazz greats like Stephane Grappelli and Toots Thielemanns, plays the flute. Russian guitarist Alexej Wagner, Canadian bass player Scott White and Armando Chuh with Brazilian vivacity on the percussion also appear. With these collaborators, harmonizing magically in the studio at the first go, she concentrates all the sounds that dwell in her ears and heart since her youth.

Soundbites (MP3)

Gai Rath Nuages/All for You
Home/Kehre Down here on the Ground
Girls like me