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"Smartly played, swinging and evocative jazz album"
DownBeat Magazine

"remarkably complete musician, a virtuosic soloist with a lush sound on both soprano and tenor whose compositions are daring and deep"
All About Jazz

"...his immersion in the bebop tradition while revealing a fresh and original voice"
Jazz Times

"his expressive horn, imaginative pen and confident band-leading, Einav is already setting himself apart."
The NYC Jazz Record

"Shauli Einav is a Titan of the tenor saxophone, a superman of the soprano saxophone and a blowing bundle of virtuosity."
Jazz Inside Magazine

"Einav's sound comes across as fresh and innovative - and after hearing this wonderful CD the listener may very well be driven immediately to the replay button."
Financial Times, Germany

"..Clearly a 28 years old to watch!"
Hallands Nyheter, Sweden

“His artistic approach captures the listener”
Jazzthetik Magazine, Germany

"...One of Israel's elite musicians..."
Ma’ariv Daily, Israel

"Opus One has all of the elegance of the old masters while harmonically pushing things forward, and Einay’s not even thirty yet. Whatever happened to experience coming with age?"

"Opus one" a disc of a rare maturity. Discovery is assured, one of the greatest albums of this year!"
Cook&Book, Belgium

"..a treat for young and old ears looking for a new turn on. Solid stuff throughout."
Midwest Record

"There's always room for improvement from an initial effort, but it's hard to find where Einav can improve much from this solid and likeable album."
Something Else! Blog

"Jazz fans may not be talking about Israeli saxophonist Shauli Einav yet, but in time they will. Einav’s proper debut, Opus One, is quite an opening statement...boisterous affair heightened by Einav’s aggressive horn, a constant swing and urgent melodies."
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Album-Review "Shauli Einav: Animi"

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Review: "Shauli Einav Quartet, Living Organs"
Eine fesselnde und unwiderstehliche Musik, in der die Instrumente auf verschiedenen Ebenen miteinander interagieren und den Eindruck erwecken, spontan entstanden zu sein, und doch sind es durchdachte Konstruktionen, in denen die Improvisationen der Musiker Teil der Form sind. Die Musiker sind hier fast so etwas wie ein Medium, das die musikalische Idee vermittelt, die in Shauli Einavs Kompositionen steckt. Ein wunderbares Album, wir sind begeistert...

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Review: "Shauli Einav Quartet, Living Organs"
Obwohl die Orgel eine Rolle auf dem Album des SHAULI EINAV QUARTETs spielt, wird mit "Living Organs" eher auf das Organische in der Musik angespielt. Eine Synthese der Verschiedenheiten, in der kooperative Improvisation auf Jazz-Rock und balladeske Mitternachtsmusik trifft...

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