Daniel Karlsson Trio - Sorry Boss

Daniel Karlsson Trio - Sorry Boss
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Daniel Karlsson - Piano, keyboards
Christian Spering - Double Bass
Fredrik Rundqvist - Drums, percussion


In January Daniel went to Italy for writing music for a new album. Without particular source of inspiration he decided to seek it from daily life and what it actually looks like.A pianist and bandleader tasks consists of paperworks, applications, planning, buying travels etc…

Loads of office work, always made in the last minute, before you reach your little heaven on stage. The title Sorry Boss came up during the trio’s UK tour in the fall-22. During some off days the band hired an apartment on ground floor in Birmingham. Already the first day workers started to carve away concrete from the courtyard. The unbearable noice made it impossible to stay in the apartment. After going on for some days the workers started saying: -Sorry Boss, Sorry Boss, to the guys when they entered the courtyard to reach the apartment door.

They realised pretty soon that this will be their next album.A few months later after a recovery of a drummers foot (middle aged men should not play hockey) the album was recorded in a very messy living room on Runmarö. The man cave of the band leader.

Track by Track

bus stop story - Funky jam without any real plan. Ending up in a transition to the trio’s real storytelling.

sorry boss - Squirrel wheel. Too many things happen. It’s a mess. Will we make it on time?Last minute - The calm after just having made it on time.

last minute

heaven or elsewhere - Don’t get too philosophic on this though… Doesn’t help.

happy hour - Order a drink with an umbrella and dream away to a summer resort further away than you could afford.

confidential document - short improvisation

pigeons on the wire - Escape the rush and stop by at the telephone pole. Look at the wire. maybe it’s hosting someone. Create yourself a waterhole on your walk to work.

clock out - Go home! Turn off the light! Enter your world of dreams.


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