Brian Auger - Technical Rider

Brian Auger will travel without own FOH Tech!!
Band will travel with own backline!!!

Stageplot (click to enlarge)


  1. F.O.H. desk must be at least 24 x 4 x 2; Desk must have 4 sends and 4 aux returns with 3 band EQ for Effects. (Effects submixer OK) Desk must have programmable mutes, and VCA groups.
  2. The PA must be an active 3-way system with 1 subwoofer per 3-way enclosure
  3. 24 ch split snake with 4 open returns and at least 24 transformer isolated tails to the monitor desk.
  4. Amplifiers (if applicable) should be of professional quality .
  5. House Processing:
    2-SPX 900, 1-Eventide H 3000, 1-SDE-3000 or PCM 42 or TC, 1-PCM 70 or PCM 80, 1-1/3rd octave EQ per output, 2 for stereo + 1 if center 16-Channels of compression (BBS, Klark, DBX), 1-CD Player, 1-Tape Deck

Monitor System

  1. Monitor System must be capable of 4 separate mixes
  2. Monitor console should be at least 16 channels. Faders with on-off switches per send per channel, and pre/post fader switches per send per channel.
  3. There must be 4 biamped wedges consisting of 1-2" compression driver (JBL or TAD) with at least a 60 to 90 degree horizontal dispersion 2" horn, with a 1x15" cast frame speakers, (JBL or TAD). All wedges must be the same components, dimension and cabinetry tuned to proper specifications. 1 - Drum SUB Dual 15" or Dual 18"
  4. There should be a stereo side fill system consisting of or close to the same types of components as is the wedges.
  5. There should be 2 active 3-way drum fills front loaded with same component types as throughout the monitor system.
  6. All power amps and crossovers must be of professional quality and symmetrical throughout the system.
  7. All mic specs are on the input list
  8. 4 - 30 Amp quad drops AC for backline.

Lighting System

Venue will provide a Lighting System along with a Lighting Director.
The L.D. will call the cues for the lighting of the shows performance.