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With "Berlin Odd Wisdom" the Uruguayan drummer has gathered around him a very prominent selection of Berlin musicians. The formation has existed since 2019 and developed its very own sound. The pieces composed especially for this band create a modern synthesis of European and Latin American aesthetics. The rhythmic concept of Pinera’s compositions is based on the clave principle and is transferred in a virtuoso manner into the world of odd time signatures. In addition, there is the harmonic understanding of jazz with its large space for improvisation which allows each musician to add his very own personality and sound as an important ingredient to the formation.

Piñera’s first album with this new musical approach was released by ACT MUSIC in 2021. It was recorded in New York with Donny McCaslin, Scott Colley and Ben Monder and was nominated for the GRAMMY 2021. Berlin Odd Wisdom band is now continuing this development. While the Act release shows a strong influence of US jazz, the Berlin formation now expands the music with the influence of European classical modernism. Above all, the work of Béla Bartók currently plays a prominent role in Piñera’s compositions. A first live session of this formation, expanded to an octet with a string quartet, can already be found on Piñera´ s YouTube Channel. Berlin Odd Wisdom´s debut album will be released in summer 2023, and in December 2023 Diego Piñera 4 + 4 will present another album with octet line-up .

Berlin Odd Wisdom Sounds
Berlin Odd Wisdom @ Dresden, Pavillon, 2022

Sound 1
Sound 2
Sound 3

Berlin Odd Wisdom - Line-Up

Diego Piñera - Drums, Percussion
Peter Ehwald - Saxophon
Igor Osypov - Gitarre
Marcel Krömker - Bass