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>>>Press Gebhard Ullmann, german

phillip mcnally (cadence magazine, new york '01) about 'essencia'

"... Ullmann, of course, has been well known in avant and new music circles for his rich reed tone and his abilitiy to quietly tear music apart in endlessly surprising ways ... the final result is a magical recording, different than most anything i've heard before, and once again bringing the secret of melodic beauty back to free improvisation. hearing essencia is like discovering charlie haden for the first time."

steve day (avant magazine, uk '99) about 'clarinet trio. oct. 1, '98'

"oh boy, good news! ... here's some stuff to listen to which will be healthy for you digestive systems! ... what's it like? ... imagine the clusone trio were all clarinets, han bennink ... on bass clarinet ... in other words: this is fun music with serious intentions. music that moves between formal german classical song form, european "free" music values, blues and gospel, new composition and a little tin pan alley ..."

thom jurek (allmusic guide, usa '03) about 'final answer'

"this is a remarkable record that will leave the listener wondering why this band isn't headlining festivals all over the world."

tim dorset (jazz review uk '02) about 'translucent tones'

"this is a standout cd. a group which establishes a genre. no-one else will be able to perform in this field without comparison with the Ullmann clarinet 3'

daniel piotrowski (jazz times, usa, 02) about 'essencia'

"the mostly improvised date is rife with new methods of creating and contrasting melody. the music is gentle and hypnotizing."

chris kelsey (cadence magazine, new york '98) about 'ta lam'

"multi-reedist/composer gebhard Ullmann has his hand in several cultural pies at once; he ties together elements of african, asian and european traditions in a seamless personal musical compositional style that is as creative, finely-crafted and compelling as anything i've heard recently. gebhard has mastered orchestration, counterpoint and form in ways that few jazz composers have ... suffice to say that, at year's end, this cd will undoubtedly make my list of 98's most rewarding listens."

penguin jazz guide (uk '99) about 'tá lam'

"what an extraordinary record 'tá lam' is ... beautifully recorded, this is an intriguing disc."

aaron cohen (downbeat '02) about 'clarinet 3' at vancouver jazz festival

"the gebhard Ullmann clarinet 3 was one of the most rollicking small-groups of the festival ... the band proved that italian and dutch improvisers don't have a european monopoly on humor."

francois couture (all music guide, usa '00) about 'vancouver

"this album is pure reed delight and one of Ullmann's most significant contributions, ****."



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