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About: Ayse Tutuncu - "Carnivalesque"

Tutuncu's unusual group is a vehicle for her own eastern/western compositions, and for the conversations of two excellent reed players - clarinetist Oguz Buyukberber and saxophonist Yahya Dai. Buyukberber sometimes suggests John Surman in the power, speed and drama he brings to the bass clarinet; Dai is a fluent exponent of styles as diverse as 30s swing or Gato Barbieri's fire. Carla's Second Tango is an explicit reference to Carla Bley's Reactionary Tango (a trickling upper-register piano melody reprises the original theme); the horn dialogue on the free-rolling piano vamp of Zeynep's Spitting Image turns into free-improv; Astor Piazzolla's Soledad gets a tender tenor-sax treatment; and there's a jam on a Debussy piece.
This is a group to look out for. ****
John Fordham, The Guardian, 01.12.2006

Tantalising, very tantalising! While so many musicians are content to trundle along the same post-bop furrow, the Turkish pianist Ayse Tutuncu applies her precise technique to some eye-catching material, including a Cretan melody, a composition by the tango master Astor Piazzolla and an extended flurry of Free-ish improv on an old piano teacher's warhorse by Debussy. The unusual instrumentation, pitching clarinet against saxophone, gives the group an added facet. Inspiration falters over the 10 tracks, but you hear enough individuality to want to seek out the trio next time they come our way. ***
Clive Davis, The Sunday Times, 07.01.2007

On hearing this album one feels peaceful and happy as though having returned from a trip to the carnival.
[...] The joy of experiment is present throughout the entire album; the saxophone is played in a cool Nordic fashion at times but then becomes almost like an oboe, just as the clarinet sounding quite traditional as it is within an uzun hava and then like a classical orchestra clarinet after two minutes.”
Nazan Özcan, Radikal iki, 15.01.2006

In the piece Carnivalesque sadness, joy, jazz, turkish music, improvisation, taksim and many other things come together like on a canvas. Another thing that makes Tütüncü special is the childlike quality of her music. She makes music like a child at play. In all her high sophistication she is always pure and clear, always understandable[...] With words or without, her music always tells a story.
"Carnivalesque" presents life as the source of the music for all of us. There is a life beyond words, live within a world of sounds.?
Bülent Ergüden, Cumhuriyet, 07.01.2006

Of the two woodwind instruments set up in front of the piano, one is dealt with by bass clarinetist Oguz Büyükberber, who knows well how to transform a John Surmanesque phrase into Anatolian motifs with a single clause, and the other by soprano saxophonist Yahya Dai, who performs northern and western improvisations with an uzun hava (a lengthy, semi-improvised eastern Turkish folk song) flavour.
Murat Beser, Milliyet Pazar, 08.01.2006

Three intriguing individuals sweep you off to a far-away land of gladness. Let it be known by all, go out and buy this fascinating album, friends! Read the letters inside and write your own. Revel in solitude and let go your inner child. Munch chocolate-colored songs at life's carnival and come back to everyday life as an enlightened Golliwog.
Tunçel Gülsoy, Jazz, 04/2005



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