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Ayse Tütüncü: Biography

In 1983 Ayse Tütüncü founded her first group Mozaik producing four albums until they parted in 1995. The name "mozaik" represented the fusion of rock, western classical music, jazz and also traditional turkish sounds within their music.

Ayse TütüncüAyse Tütüncü

With the band Kömür, Ayse was able to improvise and explore her talents and later performed a collection of songs celebrating the female form with the vocalist Sumru Agiryürüyen. Ayse Tütüncü has also collaborated with well-known Turkish "marginal musicians" on numerous studio productions, with the songwriter Bülent Ortaçgil, the folkgroup Yeni Türkü, and the rockband Bulutsuzluk Özlemi. In addition to this Ayse has also enjoyed composing for celluloid and musical theatre productions and also performed in Lawrence "Butch" Morris's Conducting Improvisation Orchestra staged in 1999.

In 1995 she formed her second group the Ayse Tütüncü Piano Percussion Ensemble (piano - percussions - bass clarinet) and released the album Variations (ADA Müzik) in 1999 which took her to international festivals both in Turkey and Europe: Istanbul Music Festival, 6. Istanbul Jazz Festival, 6. Eskisehir Festival, Ankara Jazz Festivals, 1. Afyon Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Traumzeit Festival, Talos Festival, 12. Izmir European Jazz Festival.

Since 2004 Ayse has played her new compositions within her Trio, each track having been specifically arranged for "two wind instruments and a piano". In 2005 the Trio recorded Carnivalesque (EMI / Blue Note) and performed live at Prague Jazz Open Festival.

In order to maintain a delicate balance between notated and improvised music, Ayse Tütüncü prefers to live in the midway house. With the Piano Percussion Ensemble she dances on a tightrope of variations and collages, always allowing space for improvisation. Ayse's new compositions for her Trio interweave written parts and "free zones" even more closely.

But teaching is also an important element for her. As it was, with her ensemble students at the Akademi Istanbul and still is during one to one piano sessions, for Ayse Tütüncü the room is always filled with music...


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