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Carlos Bica: Biographie

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Already during his studies at Lisbon´s "Conservatorio Nacional" double bassist Carlos Bica was a member of the renowned "Orquestra de Camara de Lisboa" and represented his country at various international festivals. In the traditional music of his native Portugal - "o fado" - he worked with singer Carlos do Carmo, the best known musician of this popular genre, and recorded several albums with him.

Carlos Bica

As further important and inspiring authorities from the Portuguese musical tradition with whom Carlos Bica co-operated José Mário Branco, Pedro Caldeira Cabral und Janita Salome are also to be named. Internationally renowned Carlos Bica became, above all, because of his long term musical co-operation with Portuguese singer Maria João with whom he performed and recorded in various formations.

Carlos Bica was Portugal´s "Jazz Musician of the Year 1998"; his debut album "Azul", recorded for PolyGram, features Berlin guitarist Frank Möbus and New York drummer Jim Black, with Maria João and trombonist Ray Anderson as guests, was voted "Best Jazz Record of the Year" in 1996.

His latest album "Twist" is the follow-up to Bica´s "Azul"-album, recorded in 1999 for Enja Records with the original line-up and Portuguese singer and actress Ana Brandão as guest. The record was "CD of the Month" of the music magazine "Stereo" in February 2000; the magazine "Jazzpodium" (2/2000) called it a "Masterpiece".

Carlos Bica has also been a composer of several theatre and film productions.

He played the most important jazz festivals in Europe and worked with the following musicians: Kenny Wheeler, Ray Anderson, Aki Takase, Paolo Fresu, Mário Laginha, Julian Arguelles, Steve Arguelles, Antonio Pinho Vargas, Mathias Schubert, Mack Goldsbury and Alexander von Schlippenbach.

His aspiration to continue the experiences of his musical course and the fascination of the sound of the human voice as well as of the string instruments led Carlos Bica to new musical plans. His new album "Diz" (Engl. "Speak!"), entrusted to him and singer Ana Brandão by charge of the 1998 Expo in Lisbon, was released by Enja Records in spring 2001.



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